To Sunset, To Sunrise, To Everything, In Between”

There are so many questions to life’s queries, there is so many questions to life’s wonderful adventurous enjoyments. It seems as though we are all like the Universe, vastly generating life, hope, creativity, heat and light. If we were trying to view a blackened Universe, that is all we would see. The Mind would register a confusing blackness and emptiness. There would not be any light to reach out to. To our unknowing, Our lives are filled with synapses of pondering, learning, engagement, growth set, fun-loving adventures, cherishing our life, cherishing others lives, memory, vitality, peace, alertness to danger, alertness to pandemics, health risks, our homes being burgled. It is all static synapses of protecting life. The sure thing is that when we are ALIVE” we will have a life to live.

We will have worries, and happiness and of course sorrow. When crossing the road, if we do not look both ways, that truck will take us out, it’s not simple, it is what happens. To grasp life, is like grasping the air, everyone has their own things to grapple with every single day. We are all at different life cycles, this is why we need Doctors, Nurses, Labourers, Tradesmen, Painters, Artists, Photographers, Physiotherapist, Science, Medical Interuptions to Save Life, Health Helpfulness from Our Health Experts, such as ambulance drivers., overhead linesmen, for our powerlines, not one of these is listed as being unneeded deficit. What is a sure thing though, some of us cannot fathom, the extreme sadness that is not seen or heard. Do we suggest that it does not exist, because our mind focuses on our own universe. We all have a Our own maturity in learning and this is Life”.

If we were all Nurses, Care Givers, Duty of Care Workers, Specialists in the field of Medical Sciences, we would all know the same knowledge.

It Is A Mountain Seen, near where I live”It Has Taken Billions if Years to cause It’s Beauty to intrigue us with Unlimited awestruck diversity”

vastly interrupted as it has always been there, and always will be.

It is easy on the eye and it is Sunset” we do not switched the sunset on, it there, but it is something that is to be desired “
Brilliant In It’s Crusted Bark” Brilliant In it’s Tree Follage” Brilliant it’s protection of The wildlife “ just yesterday I saw a beautiful wildlife bird taking a small branch from this tree to make a nest” we can Enjoy something that is already making life”

Family History, What Does This Mean?

Couples are often referred for prenatal diagnosis because of a family history of a chromosome abnormality, most commonly Down syndrome. For most couples there will usually be no increase in risk compared with that in the general population, as most cases of trisomy 21 and other chromosomal disorders will have arisen as a result of non-disjunction rather than as a result of a familial chromosomal translocation, or other arrangement. However each situation should be evaluated carefully, either by confirming the nature of the chromosomes abnormality in the affected individual or, if this is not possible, by urgent chromosome analysis of blood from the relevant parent at risk. The results of parental chromosomal analysis can usually be obtained within 3-4 days; if normal, an invasive prenatal diagnostic procedure is not then appropriate as the risk is no greater than for the general population.

An Ambiguous Chromosome Result

In approximately 1% of cases, CVS shows evidence of apparent chromosome mosaicism, I.e. the presence of two or more lines with different chromosome constituations. This can occur for several reasons:

  1. The sample is contaminated by maternal cells. This is more likely to be seen when using cultured cells than with direct preparations.
  2. The mosaicism is a culture artefact. Usually, several separate cell cultures are routinely established at the time of the procedure in order to help resolve the problem rapidly. If mosaicism is present in only one culture then it is probably an artefact and does not reflect the true foetal karyotype.
  3. The mosaicism is limited to a portion of the placenta, or what is known as confined placental mosaicism. This arises due to an error in mitosis during the formation and development of the trophoblast and is of no consequence to the fetus.
  4. There is true fetal mosaicism.

In the case of amniocentesis, in more laboratories it is routine for the sample to be split and for two or three separate cultures to be established. If a single abnormal cell is identified in only one culture, this assumed to be a culture artefact, or what is termed level 1 mosaicism or pseudomosaicism. If the mosaicism extends to two or more cells in two or more cultures, this is taken as true mosaicism, or what is known asking level 3=mosaicism. Three different unexpected chromosome results can be given to couples, each of which usually necessitates specialised detailed genetic counseling.

Haemophilia- Clinical Features

Me”You”…You Me”

Making Me You” At Play”

Those Names—A.B.Paterson—Containing The Man From Snowy River


There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around

That the colt from old Regret had got away,

And had joined the wild bush horses—-he was worth a thousand pound,

So all the cracks had gathered to the fray.

All the tried and noted riders from the stations near and far

Had mustered at the homestead overnight;

For the bushmen love hard riding where the wild bush horses are,

And the stock -horse snuffs he battle with delight.

There was Harrison, who made his pile When Pardon won the cup,

The old man with his hair as white as snow;

But few could ride beside him when his blood was fairly up—

He would go wherever horse and man could go

And Clancy of the Overflow came down to lend a hand,

No better horseman ever held the reins;

For never horse could throw him while the saddle-girth’s would stand—

He learnt to ride while driving on the plains.

And one was there, a stripling on a small and weedy beast;

With a touch of Timor pony—three parts thoroughbred at least—

And such as are by mountain horsemen prized.

And such as are by mountain horsemen prized.

He was hard and tough and wiry —just the sort that won’t say die

There was courage in his quick impatient tread;

And he bore the badge of game ness in his bright and fiery eye,

And the proud and lofty carriage of his head.

But still so slight and weedy, one would doubt his power to stay,

And the old man said, “That horse will never do

For a long and tiring gallop—lad, you’d better stop away,

Those hills are far too rough for such as you”.

So he waited , sad and wistful—only Clancy stood his friend—

“I think we ought to let him come , he said;

“I warrant he’ll be with us when he’s wanted at the end,

For both his horse and he are mountain bred.

He hails from Snowy River, up by Kosciusko’s side,

Where the hills are twice as steep and twice as rough;

Where a horse’s hoofs strike firelight from the flint stones every stride,

The man that holds his own is good enough.

And the Snowy River riders on the mountains are their home,

Where the river runs those giant mountains between;

I’ve seen for many Horseman since since I first commenced to roam,

but nowhere yet such Horseman have I seen.

‘ So he went, they found the horse by the big

Mimosa Clump,

they raced away towards the mountains

, boys go at them from the jump,

No use for trying Fancey riding now

And Clancy you must wheel them in Try and wheeled them to the right ride boldly loud and never fear the spills for never yet was rider they could keep the mob in sight, if once they gain the shelter of those hills. So Clancy Road to wheeled him in he was racing on the wing were the best and Bold is riders take their place, and he raised his Stockhorse past them, With a stock whip, he met them face-to-face then they hold it for a moment, Wally swung the dreaded Lash, but they saw they will love the mountain fall in view, and they charge beneath the stock whip with a sharp and sudden –, and off into the mountain scrub the flu, then fast the Horseman followed, with a gorgeous deep in black was sounded to the thunder of their tread, and the stock whips woke the echoes, and I fiercely answered back from Clifton Craigs a bearded beetled overhead. An apple, ever upward, the wild horses held their way

With the stock whip, he met them face-to-face then they hold it for a moment, Wally swung the dreaded Lash, but they saw they will love the mountain fall in view, and they charge beneath a stock whip with a sharp and sudden –, and off into the mountains scrub they flew, then fast the Horseman followed, with a gorgeous deep and black was sounded to the thunder of their tread, and the stock whips woke the echoes, and I fiercely answered back from cliffs and crags a bearded beetle overhead. And upward, ever upward, the wild horses held the way we are Mountain Ash and Kurrawong grew


And the old man muttered fiercely, we may bid the mob good day, no man can hold them down the other side inverted, when they reach the mountain in summer no man can hold them down the other side down the other side. When they reach the mountain the summit, even Clancy took a pool it will might make the boulders hold their breath, the wall hope scrub grew quickly and they hidden ground was full of wombat battles full of, and any slip sleep was death.

Thirty -sixth printing, 1969 . Andrew Barton Patterson

Eldest of a family of two sons and five daughters, was born on the 17th February 1864


Yesterday, I had been on the bus, a lady that was 90 years young, was sitting across from me, enjoying her start of day. Though elegantly taking in all the great elements of a brand new day.

Something special came to my mind, while having a conversation with her, this lady expressed her appreciation for others, not because , but she had the etiquette to realise that her love was greater for them , than herself. Remembering that she has had 90 years to fill up with love for herself. In life, I believe that people take people for granted. In so so so, many ways. Why do they do this? It is not an instinct because we are not animals! It is not a consciousness of delegating perspective love. It is not a motivational aspect of enquiring to one’s well being? It is a flat strapped bold and a burdening ignorance of it suits the ignorant. The question is what do we accomplish in this timed out burdening ridiculousness? More than anything, Especially For You”


Remember 90 years young, she was stillll

Bringing unprecedented value to other people’s lives. This lovely lady, gave her smile and input to making my day inspirational. Do we do that, and expect nothing back, She Did That, obviously, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow “
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow “
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow “
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow “
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow “

How Does One’ Explain I Luv Ya?

It is as simple and complex as meaning it in the first place”

Then you take your stubbornness and selfishness and put it to the side to reveal something very genuine without a pretending attitude. The complex thing is to be loved is greater than loving yourself. Anyone or anybody can see that. And you don’t cry or have the sniffles, because it is genuine, I would ask anyone in life to see if they go without real love and just love themselves?

Is It this to say good On You?
Or is it this “ Because To Have the Heart in the Hand” is way too generous “ remember Co-Vid I am certain those people doing the front line work,
Had their Heart in Their Hand”
So in times of need” with a wink and a shoulder that looks the other way” that is supposed to be love?
No Sniffles Here” I know when I give love , it is love and not pretence”

IT HAPPENS, it’s called a Migraine’

Supposeawonderfully You , had a headache encrypted into the back of the cranium for the last 5 days. How does that appear when a person is supposed to look so glamorous ‘

Well it’s the flu, having a go at someone, who , needs extra help to fight the dang thing!

How does it feel? Well you can’t imagine unless you have had one that long? So I have been running with the night and running with The shadows, trying to fight the dang thing.

Yeah it makes no difference to put your head on a pillow because, your up all. night and day coughing , impulsively. Anyone out there, feel a bit scrappy and not so happy with that embellished on you for 5 days and probably counting?

So if I missed something, you are welcome to make a comment, so I can pass on your love, because it fills my heart with gladness, and takes away all my saddness, and you ease my troubles, that’s what you can do!


The Phases of Mitosis *

Mitosis, the process of which nuclei divide. This has 4 consecutive phases—prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. When Mitosis begins, the process is normally continuous, with each stage merging imperceptibly into the next.

The Prophase*

Early in the prophase the helix formed by the coiling of the chromatids is not tightly wound or as great a diameter as it will be later; hence the chromosomes in the prophase are not as short or as thick as they later become.

For this reason the chromosomes seen through most of the prophase are longer and not so densely stained as in the later part of the prophase and in the next two phases of Mitosis.

In the later part of the prophase two important events occur. First , the nuclear membrane dissolves so there is no formal barrier left between the chromosomes and the cytoplasm of the cell ; this fact is an important preparation for the next phase of Mitosis. The breaking up of the nuclear membrane can be seen in figure 6—8 B. Meanwhile the nucleolus seemingly melts away, or mostly melts away , so that is no longer seen as a discrete round body.

The Metaphase*

To describe the events that occur here, we must discuss one of the components of the cytoplasm, because it is profoundly involved in Mistosis.

All those body cells that can divide contain in their cytoplasm a little spherical area or body called the centrosphere, so called because it seemingly try’s to take up a position in the center of the cell. Since nuclei generally occupy the centre parts of the cells , the centrosphere is commonly seen in the indentation.

With the LM and special staining it is possible to see little dots, usually two in the centrosphere; these are termed centrioles. During prophase the centrioles begin to move in opposite directions around the nucleus to take up certain positions at opposites poles of the cell. (Fig. 6–10). In certain kinds of cells —-for example , those in sea urchin eggs—as the centrioles begin to move to opposite poles of the cell , little rays appear in the cytoplasm, extending out from them are little rays of light , like light from stars . This lead to the impressions (Astron==Star) Rays.

In reference to my Mum having Haemolytic Anemia. She had key hole surgery, with first class physicians. Who new what they were doing. Considering, she had been given 90% chance of survival. They proved themselves as First Class In the Field. There are other bands of Haemolytic- such as Pernicious Anemia/ this is a recurring insidious anemia. Not to overload the medical field of knowledge. This is the condition that I have been the survivor of——-here it goes ( Anti-Neutriphil, Cytoplasmic, Auto Antibody) Microscopic Polyangitis Mpo) Very Rare . One in 100,000.

So Life Does Matter” Love to Life”

The Persons Mentioned in the Comments” Intervened to My Survival” Take A Bow “ Specialists”


Have you ever felt that when someone is in and out of your life. That love never felt so good.

So if they were not there anymore, and time had taken them away, as in for good, as in you will never experience their beautiful smile or their beautiful innocence, anymore. You know what, the last thing they would want to hear is what’s your problem get over it, because I get it, your fearfulI believe there is a lot of stupidity in words. I believe there is a lot of experience in living out the trauma”. Sincerely, when you have seen the real things, you can never ever act out any episodes of real life. I realise, the saddest is a very uninspiring creature.

In 10 years, there has had to have been. Things that have been real, that have had,

The Power of the most volatile Earth Quake.

Do you see how contagious their faces are?